Pre Sale Questions

How do I purchase your product?

If you are located in North America you may purchase your product at

If you are located in South Pacific Asia you may purchase your product at

Do you provide product support?

Yes product support is provided through our Knowledge Base and online community forum on this website.


What type of internet connection do I need for Zoomtak to work?

The minimum requirement for internet is a broadband connection at least 10mbps. However for high definition (HD) streaming at 720p and above we recommend a internet connection at least 20mbps.

Which countries does Zoomtak box work in?

The Zoomtak Media Box will work in any country, making it ideal for people who move around, or travel alot. Now you can take your Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, and music every were you go.

Will Zoomtak work on any TV?

Yes, Zoomtak will work on any type of television “making any TV smart”. However high definition (HD) streaming will only be available on televisions with an HDMI connection.

Do you provide product warranty?

Yes, you are protected by a 1year replacement warranty from date a purchase for registered users.  However it is restricted only customers of, and If you purchased your product from another reseller, please contact them directly for warranty and support.

To register for your warranty please visit our User and Warranty Registration page.